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Cabinet Grow Keeps Growers Connected

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Here at the Cabinet Grow headquarters, we have been working tirelessly to bring our customers a new leap in horticultural technology. To that end, we are pleased today to lift our NDA and publically disclose some of the cool behind the scenes happenings going on in our technology department.

In Q4 2015, we plan to release the first iteration of a new hardware / software interface to our cabinets. The first piece of the puzzle is a device that can come pre-installed on your cabinet, or as a kit to easily retrofit onto your existing cabinet. This device replaces your existing light-timer, and has remote sensors for each growing chamber. It is about the size of a digital camera, and fits all three Cabinet Grow models.

Once installed and configured, it connects over your existing WiFi. From there, you can instantly open any web-browser inside the same network, login, and then get a live feed of your plants from inside the cabinet, monitor the environmental conditions, and control the light. From here you can also configure the device to send you E-Mails or Text-Messages when things go outside of user-defined parameters.

Directly on the device, you can also enable the “Cabinet Grow Cloud” and the real magic begins! Now you can access your cabinet from anywhere in the world, by logging in through a cell-phone app, or simply visiting the cabinetgrow.com website and logging in.

Once enabled, you can begin to track information about your cabinet over time! There are too many features to list, but you can expect plant history reports, strain information, time-lapse videos, NDVI imaging of your plants, and more!

The mobile application works on all modern devices, and can be accessed as an installable app, or simply inside your existing web browser! It will allow you to see a live feed of your plants, monitor the environment inside your cabinet, setup alerts and notifications if things go amiss. It also handles the lighting schedule to switch between vegetative and flowering modes!

For the tech inclined out there, the hardware platform is built using a ARMv7 900 MHZ quad core embedded computer. Light control, camera processing, environmental monitoring, and record-keeping are all handled through multiple Node.js workers running on the ARM. Interfacing to the outside world is a custom PCB and enclosure. Express.js serves up a web-app that can be accessed through the local network to configure the device.

Meteor.js is used as the framework for building out the mobile application and cloud servers. Once cloud-enabled, the device connects up to Cabinet Grow servers to send their environmental telemetry, light status, and camera recordings. MQTT is used as a messaging protocol for status and telemetry, with the extremely scalable S3 storage service from Amazon handling pictures and video.

Speaking of pictures and video, we are using a photography technique called NVDI to begin implementing machine-vision and analytics across our product lines. This technique uses the differential between absorbed light during photosynthesis, and the reflected infrared light to create a heat-map of plant health. The applications for this process are enormous, and we are extremely excited to bring this technology to the home grower!

We will release more details on pricing and release schedule as we wrap up development. Signup below for our E-Mail list and get notified as new information becomes available.

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