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Space Requirements for Cabinet Grow Cabinets

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One of the most important factors to address before setting up a cabinet is to make sure the intended space will be adequate. All of Cabinet Grow’s cabinets are completely self-contained so the plants will be within the cabinet itself. However, to ensure a cabinet functions properly, a grower should make sure the space for the cabinet is adequate and also take into consideration how the ventilation system will function in the intended space.

Size of the Cabinets

Cabinet Grow currently offers three sizes of cabinets to help meet the needs of all growers.

Medicab Micro (w 23.5” x h 25.5” x d 18”)

The Medicab Micro is the smallest of the cabinets offered by Cabinet Grow. This particular cabinet is a great fit for closets, dorm rooms, or other small areas where one would think having a garden was impossible. This small cabinet is perfect for growers looking to produce their own medicine at home.

Yielder Max (w 24” x h 62.5” x d 24”)

The Yielder Max is the middle sized cabinet offered by Cabinet Grow. This dual chamber cabinet is a great fit for small bedrooms and other areas where a narrow profile cabinet will fit. This cabinet is the perfect size for growers to perpetually produce their own medicine in a private setting.

Earth Cab Pro (w 46” x h 74.5” x d 24”)

The Earth Cab Pro is the largest of all the cabinets offered by Cabinet Grow. This dual chamber cabinet is perfect for larger rooms, basements, or garages. The Earth Cab Pro is perfect for growers looking for larger yields in a confined space. The Earth Cab Pro is the ideal cabinet for growers who would like to produce enough medicine for themselves and others.

Ventilation Space Requirements

Every Cabinet Grow cabinet is equipped with its own ventilation system. However, in order for that ventilation system to operate properly, there needs to be adequate space given to the cabinet itself. In other words, if a cabinet is placed in a closet without any space on the back or sides of the cabinet, chances are good that the plants will not be able to get enough fresh air to thrive. A good rule of thumb is to have a room with 10 times the cubic area as the cabinet. This will ensure that the cabinet has access to fresh air and enough area to dissipate heat. For example, a Medicab Micro has a cubic area of just over 6 cubic feet (w x h x d). This means a space of at least 60 cubic feet would be acceptable for proper ventilation. The Yielder Max has a cubic area of almost 21 cubic feet. A space of 210 cubic feet would ensure proper ventilation. The Earth Cab Pro has a cubic area of almost 48 cubic feet. The Earth Cab Pro should be placed in a room with 480 cubic feet or more. These are general rules of thumb that will all be affected by ambient temperature and humidity.

Additional Ducting for Ventilation

Although rare, in some cases a grower may need to take additional steps to ensure proper ventilation in his or her cabinet. If a room is too small to house a cabinet or if the ambient temperature and humidity in that room are out of the desired range, a grower may need to attach ducting to the cabinet to make sure the heat is exhausted to a different area. The duct muffler on the back of the cabinet can connect easily to ducting and can be run to a larger room or outdoors thus reducing the heat signature of the room.

If, at anytime, you have questions regarding the ventilation system of your cabinet, feel free to contact Cabinet Grow’s customer support at 1-888-544-9376 or visit www.cabinetgrow.com to live chat with an experienced garden consultant. 

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