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A Cabinet Grow Production

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What's up growers, aspiring growers and everybody in-between! Here's a video we helped produce which is hosted by our own CEO, Sam May

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2015 HIGH TIMES S.T.A.S.H Award - Best Micro Grow Box

Cabinet Grow Inc. (CBNT) is pleased to announce that our MediCab Micro product line has been awarded the 2015 STASH (Significant Technological Achievements in Secretive Horticulture) Award from High Times magazine for Best Micro-Grow Cabinet!The STASH Awards celebrate advances made by the cannabis-cultivation community as well as tried-and-true products that have stood the test of [...]

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Cabinet Grow introduces In-House Financing

If you've had your eye on one of our grow cabinets or tents but don't quite have the funds, now is the time! We've been working hard to put together the perfect finance program for cabinet grow fans and we can finally say, it's available. Getting starting is simple and hassle free. Just follow the steps [...]

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Cabinet Grow launches it's Affiliate Program!

We’ve listened to you, “the growers” and here’s our answer! Now, it’s easier to get CG’s seamless cabinet growing solutions into your hands. We are happy to announce our latest endeavor to making growing more accessible as well as providing our customers with additional loyalty and support: The Cabinet Grow Affiliate Program. Now, you can grow your own medicine and [...]

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Space Requirements for Cabinet Grow Cabinets

One of the most important factors to address before setting up a cabinet is to make sure the intended space will be adequate. All of Cabinet Grow’s cabinets are completely self-contained so the plants will be within the cabinet itself. However, to ensure a cabinet functions properly, a grower should make sure the space for the cabinet is adequate and also [...]

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Cabinet Grow & Washington Partner Up!

When Cabinet Grow packed up and headed to Washington for CannaCon we had no idea what kind of reception we would receive. Would we be welcomed with open arms or shunned and pushed back to California? Turns out Washington was quite welcoming and local retailers loved the idea of a plug-and-play home growing solution. So much in fact, that we've been [...]

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​Flip LEDs

If you are looking for a LED fixture that sets itself apart from the competition, look no further than the Flip brand LEDs. These revolutionary lights integrate the dual spectrum capability which makes transitioning your garden from Veg to Bloom as easy as “Flip”ping a switch. With its 15 band light spectrum, there is no other [...]

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Light Cycles

Growing plants indoors is a great way to have complete control over the garden’s environmental conditions. With the aid of various equipment, growers are able to control temperature, humidity, plant nutrition, and light cycles. With the use of a time, growers can set the garden’s light cycle for different durations. Most plants grown indoors are photosensitive. In other words, they are [...]

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Basics of Hydroponic Systems

“Hydroponics” is a general term for soilless gardening. There are many types of hydroponic systems; each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing a hydroponic system, a grower should take a closer look at which system, if any, will best meet his or her needs. Nutrient Film Technique Nutrient film technique, or NFT, is a system that supplies the roots with a continuous [...]

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CO2 in Confined Spaces: Is It Worth It?

Indoor horticulturists are continuously looking for ways to maximize their gardens’ yields. One popular technique horticulturists use to try and boost their return is to implement a CO2 injection system. The idea behind a CO2 injection system is that by increasing the amount of CO2 available to the plants, the rate of photosynthesis increases [...]

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